About Natural Science Center Inc. (NSC)

Dr Frank Mckenna a microbiologist was the brainchild of the SC27 microbial soil inoculant products. Dr Mckenna sadly passed away suddenly in 2011. Since his passing his family have made a commitment to keep the legacy of his life work and dreams alive by continuing to operate the company. This has taken the form of a restructure of positions in the company, a new direction in marketing and the development of new products.

Microgene (MG) first commenced operation in 1995 in Xenia, Ohio in a joint venture with Martin Marietta Technologies (MMT), a well known USA corporation. This partnership continued for 11 years, until MMT underwent a restructure and made the decision to wind down their agriculture arm of their corporation. In 2015 MG was taken over by Natural Science Centre Australia.

In the early 2000, the Company Natural Science Center USA (NSC) was formed to facilitate government requirements with such departments as the Internal Revenue and registration groups of both Federal and States within the USA. NSC was granted a manufacturing license from Natural Science Centre Australai  for these purposes. Today NSC is a private standalone corporation in conjunction with related entities (other corporations both domestic & overseas) has secured its own newly developed and purpose built laboratory complex and downstream processing plant completed in 2008 and located in Steele, Alabama, USA.


About SC27

The SC27 line of products have been intensively and extensively research by universities and institutes in the USA since 1995. Results from research studies on SC27 products have shown improved soil conditions, enhanced root mass, and increased microbial populations in over 30 commercial agricultural and silvicultural crops throughout the USA.

Beneficial live soil microflora (Actinomycetes and bacteria) makes SC27 a prescription formulation that enhances and bolsters the physical, chemical and nutritional status of many soil systems. This microflora rich formula acts on the crops rhizosphere, the area of soil that immediately surrounds and is affected by a plant's roots, and rhizoplane. This is the part of the plant’s root that lies at the surface of the soils. A healthy rhizosphere, leads to stronger root systems that assists in improves plant vigor and function that can lead to increased yields.

It can readily be concluded that use of the soil-inoculant SC27 imparts two significant and important benefits in these crop systems:

  • First - the enhancement of beneficial soil bacteria and Actinomycetes in a wide range of soil types.
  • Second - Improved soils condition, increased root mass and plant vigor and function in commercial crops.